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MSA ID Protect Success Stories

“I was so happy with the outcome; I couldn’t have asked for a company to be more helpful. I literally felt when I was trying to resolve it on my own that it wasn’t going to get done and it was completely out of my control. I felt that it was going to ruin my credit and I was either going to have to pay the fine for something I didn’t do or have to go to court and then have to pay more than the fine. I was very, very distraught, upset, wasn’t sleeping at night, crying…and then I felt immediately relieved when I got CLC’s help.

I felt that somebody was on my side that knew what was going on, and could have some sort of authority with the bank, and after all the phone calls and trying to resolve it and sending a great letter to the corporate office, I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. I received the amount back and my name was cleared and the collection agencies weren’t calling anymore, so I was so happy I used [CLC] and would recommend [CLC] to anyone.”

Jill Faries

Thank you so much for your untiring and expert help in resolving my issue with Chase. The check is here and ready to be deposited! I really appreciate all you have done.

Paul Cristiano

I wanted thank you for the great follow up on the Identity Theft situation we had here a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again for your outstanding response to this kind of "weird" situation.  You are great!!

Jean - Omaha, NE

My Name is Orlando and I was recently a victim of identity fraud.  I found out that someone got my password for my e-bay account and had access to all my personal information, including my credit card numbers. I remembered that at work they offer a program with “Legal Assistance”.  I called CLC and I was really surprised with the quick response I received.   I first spoke with Melanie who then transferred me to Jennifer in customer service.  Jennifer connected me to Mr. Troy Morgan in their Identity Fraud department. Mr. Morgan informed me of all my options and that he also had a “Fraud Alert Kit” which he sent to me. Following the steps that Mr. Morgan told me to do and by exchanging several e-mails and phone calls with him, I was able to contact all of the people I needed to in regards my issue. I was really impressed with the Fraud alert kit, all the personal touches, and how everyone was willing to help especially since I am in a different time zone (Puerto Rico). I am really pleased with the service that I received from CLC because of the quickness and quality of the services I was able to resolve my situation, I am really thankful that there are these services out their available to us.

Orlando - San Juan, Puerto Rico

THANK YOU very much for all of your assistance last week.  I received the TU report and it really is a relief seeing we are not being victimized again.  However, I do know I have some homework to do to protect us even farther.  I am amazed at all of our names (aka's) for the reason people do not understand a hyphenated last name.  I saw John on Saturday and told him how amazing you were in helping me.  He was happy that I was so pleased.  Thank you for taking so much time to help me!!

Tammy Salinas-Bentley